Change Logs

Version: 96.3.20230530
  • Fixed bugs.
Version: 93.0.20220921
  • Add Export Selected Layers.
  • Add Bitmap to Pattern Fill, Pattern Fill to Bitmap.
  • Fixed symbol, style preview bug.
Version: 87.1.20220513
  • Add Fill Rule to Non-Zero.
  • Add Save Cloud Document to Local.
  • Fixed bugs.
Version: 84.0.20220303
  • Fix Sketch 84 bugs.
Version: 83.2.20220214
  • Fix Sketch 83 bugs.
Version: 83.1.20220210
  • Add Export JSON from layers.
Version: 81.1.20220105
  • Add Copy Color as HEX HSL...
  • Add Adjust Layer Width/height to Max/Min.
  • New Menu.
  • Fixed Pick Color bug.
  • Fixed Insert Artboard from Library bug.
Version: 79.0.20211105
  • Add Export Layer.
  • Changed style swapping to work on styles that come from the local document OR a library.
  • Fix Fit to Artboard with Margin bug.
Version: 74.1.20210828
  • Add Paste into Artboard.
  • Add Change Library Style to Local Style.
  • Fixed Style preview not work in Sketch 74.
  • Change Menu Language.
  • Change red/green dot position in Change Local Style to Library Style and Change Symbols to Library Symbol.
  • Fixed Remove Unused Symbols not show select all checkbox.
  • Replace Library remove disabled libraries.
  • Swap Color Variables from Library, remove library without color.
  • More position in Paste and Replace Setting.
  • Fix Distribute Layer and Fit Width/Height bug.
  • Fix selection all instances of symbol bug.
Version: 74.1.20210722
  • Fix menu language bug.
  • Fix select locked layer bug.
  • Fix Paste and Replace not work in Sketch 74.
Version: 72.3.20210529
  • Fix Auto Slice and Fast Slice bug.
  • Add Select locked layers.
  • Plugin menu language will same as Sketch language setting.
Version: 72.0.20210508
  • Fixes broken plugin in Sketch 72.
Version: 72.0.20210506
  • Add Paste Layer Position/Size.
  • Fixed Selection to Symbol bug.
  • Import Document Assets From Sketch/Library now support color variables.
  • Fixed Sketch 72 error.
Version: 70.6.20210320
  • Add Convert to Color Variable.
  • Add Fix Broken Library Symbols by Name.
  • Auto Slice and Fast Slice will create a group when choose "Top/bottom inside group".
  • Fixed bugs that Auto Slice and Fast Slice setting use "-" will became "\_".
  • Fix Shortcut Manager bug.
  • Re-link symbol instances to new symbols by the original master name.
  • Sorting fix for Find and Replace Styles
  • Fit to Artboard with Margin support text layer.
  • Find and Replace Style dropdown is ordered.
Version: 70.1.20201128
  • Add Swap Color Variables from Library.
  • Add Fit to Artboard with Margin.
  • Show confirm dialog once when add colors/gradients for selected layers.
  • Fix for Find and Replace Style
Version: 69.1.20201024
  • Add Colors from Selected Layers to Document now support Sketch 69, update color variables with same name also supported.
  • Create Color Guide now support Sketch 69.
  • Add Copy / Paste Layer Position and Size.
  • Add Show All Layers.
  • Add Distribute Layers Horizontally/Vertically and Fit Width/Height.
  • Add Remove All Groups.
  • Add Union Layer.
  • Add Convert to Outlines.
  • Add Remove Layouts.
  • Fix rename layers bug.
  • Remove Fill color from document/global colors.
Version: 66.1.20200613
  • Add Insert Instance of Selected Symbol.
  • Add Selected Symbol Overrides to None.
  • Improve Rename Layers history.
Version: 65.1.20200513
  • Add Change Library Symbols to Local Symbol. #263
  • Add Insert Artboard from Library. #247
  • Add Convert Artboards to Symbols. #260
  • Add Group Selected Layers in Each Artboard. #191
  • Export All Artboard now can use export setting.
  • Paste as Artboard/Symbol support copy artboard and symbol master.
  • Copy Document URL update sketch cloud url.
Version: 64.0.20200424
  • Split Text Layer support split by line break. #258
  • Fixed Export Clean Code SVG.
  • Fixed Merge Styles with Same Name does not remove style. #252
  • Export All Artboards support using prefix/suffix. fixed #254
  • Add Calendar data supplier. # 257
  • Quick Export support name convert.
  • Replace Library only show valid library.
Version: 64.0.20200309
  • Add Change Document ID.
  • Add Copy Document URL.
  • Add Add Styles from Selected Layers.
  • Add Fix Layer Name.
  • Add Copy Text from Layer/Override.
  • Add Divide Slice.
  • Change Update Style to Update Style for Selected Layers.
  • Change Reset Style to Reset Style for Selected Layers.
  • Improved Find and Replace Style.
  • Improved Find and Replace Symbol.
  • Rewrite Replace Library.
  • Fixed Fix Library ID Conflict bug.
  • Fixed bugs the some feature will broken the layer list.
  • Fixed Paste and Replace not work in v64. fix #246
  • Create Symbols from Selected Layers now support artboard. fix #245
Version: 62.0.20200211
  • Add Update Imported Objects from Library. #222
  • Fix Add Library Preview. #244
  • Fix Replace Library bug. #213 #224
Version: 62.0.20200210
  • Fix Update Selected Library Symbol. #242
  • Fix Update Selected Symbol Overrides. #242
  • Fix Copy as PNG 2X.
  • Fix Copy SVG Path Data.
Version: 62.0.20200202
  • Add Find and Replace Symbol. fix #238
  • Add Select Same Instances in Current Page.
  • Merge Style with Same Name only work for local styles.
  • Rewrite Select All Instances of Symbol, now support imported symbol and fast. fix #232
  • Remove Replace Override Symbol, use Find and Replace Symbol instead.
  • Remove Select All Instances of Imported Symbol.
  • Ability to configure SVGO settings, fix #235
  • Resize from center, fix #231
  • Select an individual Text Style for Create Typography Guide fix #230
Version: 61.0.20191213
  • Add Find and Replace Style. close #106
  • Add Merge Style with Same Name. close #178
  • Add Change Layer Blend Mode. close #219
  • Add Detach All Symbols in Page or Artboard.
  • Add Copy as PNG, PNG @2x, SVG.
  • Add New Guide. close #223
  • Add New Guide Layout. close #223
  • Add New Guides From Layer. close #223
  • Add Update Selected Symbol Overrides. close #215
  • Add Shrink Instance to Fit Content. close #207
  • Add Export Artboard to ICNS File.
  • Add Toggle Mask for Selected Layers. close #214
  • Add Shortcuts Manager.
  • Add Reset All Layer / Text Styles. close #205
  • Tab key support to some dialogs. close #212
  • Create Style / Typography Guide now support imported library style. close #225
  • Update Selected Library Symbol now aslo update nested symbol.
  • Fix Clear Guides bug.
  • Replace Fonts support font picker.
Version: 58.0.20191010
  • Add Library - Insert Symbols From Library.
  • Add Symbol - Insert Symbols.
  • Add Slice - Copy SVG Code.
  • Add Style - Find and Replace Layer/Text Style Override. #106
  • Add Slice - Copy SVG Code (URL-encoded).
  • Add Increase/Decrease Font Weight. Fix #203
  • Fixed Replace Library bug. #211
  • Fixed Clear Layer Name Chinese support.
Version: 58.0.20190923
  • Add Layer - Resize with Ratio.
  • Add Artboard - Move to Page.
  • Add Artboard - Resize to Fit Width.
  • Fix select layer by type #209 #204 #199.
  • Clear layer name support Chinese.
Version: 57.1.20190816
  • Add Paste as Alphabetical Order Text. #180
  • Add Swap Width and Height.
  • Add Remove Hotspot in Selected Artboards.
  • Fix Export Clean Code SVG bug. #192
  • Fix Export All Symbols to PNG bug. #196
  • Rename Layer support desc options. #195
  • Change Texts support desc options.
  • Fix Truncate Text kerning bug. #193 #198
Version: 55.2.20190723
  • Fix Truncate Text.
  • Fix Sync Symbol Master from Sketch File base Symbol Id not work. #190
  • Fix some text field focus issues #188
Version: 55.2.20190719
  • Fix Link / Sync Layer bug #184
  • Fix Select or Remove All Transparency Layers bug.
  • Fix Change Places move layer to top. #183
Version: 55.2.20190625
  • Add Toggle Adjust Content on Resize.
  • Fix Artboard - Resize to Fix Height bug.
Version: 55.2.20190618
  • Fix Copy and paste grid, guide, layout.
Version: 55.2.20190617
  • Add Add Colors or Gradients from Selected Layers to Document.
  • Add Find and Replace Layer Name.
  • Add Reset Style.
  • Add Update Style.
  • Change Locals Symbols to Library Symbol support replace with same id and name.
  • Improved Replace Library.
  • Improved Select layers by name.
  • Fix inset svg center in canvas.
  • Fix Paste as artboard or symbol fit to content.
  • Fix Select Parent Groups.
  • Remove Move Symbols to Page.
  • Remove Baseline.
  • Remove Replace Missing Fonts.
Version: 54.0.20190411
  • Order Layer by Position X/Y support from top to bottom, or bottom to top. #169
  • Inset Layer from SVG Code, SVG layer can move to the center of canvas. #168
  • Add Plugin Dev Setting, remove Edit Plugin Setting and Script Editor Setting.
Version: 54.0.20190410
  • Insert Layers form SVG Code can insert layer inside selected group, or some position as selected layer.
  • Disable or Enable All Overrides support Sketch 54 allows overrides.
  • Paste as Artboard/Symbol Master the artboard can match the content when copy a SVG with stroke.
  • Reverse Layer Order, Order Layers By Kind/Name/X/Y can reload the order of selection. #166
  • Fix some Sketch 45 support bugs.
Version: 53.2.20190404
  • Fix Change Local Text/Layer Style to Library Text/Layer Style will reset style overrides. #164
Version: 53.2.20190403
  • Add Paste as Artboards / Symbol Masters.
  • Fix Quick Export bug.
Version: 53.2.20190401
  • Add Quick Export.
  • Add Switch Language for Sketch 54.
  • Remove unused Text/Layer Styles now don't show style use in overrides. fix #161
Version: 53.2.20190321
  • Add Select Layers Below.
  • Add Disable Selected Overrides.
  • Add Reset Bounding Box.
  • Fix Disable or Enable All Overrides bug.
Version: 53.2.20190315
  • Improve Rename Layers and Change Texts.
  • Improve Insert Layer from SVG Path Data.
  • Fix Disable or Enable All Overrides bug.
Version: 53.2.20190307
  • Add Copy SVG Path Data.
  • Add Insert Layer from SVG Path Data.
  • Add Insert Layers from SVG Code.
  • Add Disable or Enable All Overrides.
Version: 53.2.20190304
  • Redesign Hide or Show All Grid/Layout. Fix #151
  • Add Change Texts. Fix #149, Fix #150
  • Add Rename Layers.
  • Add Chinese language. Fix #152
Version: 53.2.20190227
  • Add Rename Instances Use Text Override. #143
  • Fix Replace Override Symbol. #144
  • Fix Remove All Disabled Styles. #145
  • Add Collapse All Groups and Fit Canvas. #148
  • Fix Fill Color From Colors.
  • Fix Import Document Assets from Sketch File.
  • Remove hide/show all grid/layout
  • Add Disable Google Analytics. Fix #142
  • Remove languages.
Version: 53.0.20190213
  • Add Select None. #137
  • Imported Symbols Link Manage add symbol not found filter. #138
  • Fix Change Places bug. #135
  • Fix Tile Objects text field focus. #141
Version: 52.6.20190130
  • Fix paste text color bug. #136
  • Add Update Selected Library Symbol. #134
Version: 52.6.20190121
  • Fixed increase/decrease line height bug. #127
  • Create Color/Typography Guide now link to existing style. fix #128
  • Add Create Style Guide. fix #129
  • Fix Sync Symbol Master from Sketch File bug.
  • Sync Link Lyaer does not reset symbol to original size.
  • Add Sketch Runner icon.
  • Hide All Grid/Layout can show or hide grid/layout. fix #131
  • Convert artboard to symbols now keep background setting.
  • Change Places now support layers in different artboard.
Version: 52.5.20181213
  • Symbol list in Replace Symbol With Library Symbol now sorted like Finder.
  • Fix bug when Export Clean Code SVG opening export window for each selection. #123
Version: 52.4.20181123
  • Add Remove All Hotspot.
  • Add Reset Flow.
  • Add Charater Count.
Version: 52.2.20181108
  • Improved Grid Setting.
  • Add Paste Text Font.
  • Add Toggle Auto and Fixed for text layer.
  • Fixed Artboard Navigator crash.
Version: 52.2.20181025
  • Select layer by style now have a orderd style list.
  • Supply images from floder now same order as Finder.
  • Add Select layers with same style.
  • Add Paste and Replace Setting.
  • Auto Slice add layer rename.
  • Auto Slice and Fast Slice now can change the slice layer order.
  • Fix Pick Color And Copy Sketch 52 bug.#112
Version: 52.2.20181012
  • Add Supply data from text file or image folder.
  • Add Export Data From Text Layers.
  • Add Export Image From Layers.
  • Add Export Data From Symbol Instances.
  • Fixed some Sketch 52.x issues.
Version: 52.1.20181008
  • Fixed some Sketch 52 issues.
Version: 51.3.20180920
  • Fixed Pick color and copy bug. #101
  • Add Replace Override Symbol. #100
Version: 51.2.20180910
  • Fix Export All Symbols As PNG not work bug. #99
  • Order layers by name/kind now sort layers like Finder do.
Version: 51.2.20180831
  • Add Set to Original Size.
  • Add Adjust Sizes.
  • Add Toggle Select Ground's content on Click.
Version: 51.2.20180814
  • Add Rename Layer to Style Name.
  • Add Replace Library.
Version: 51.2.20180808
  • Add Create Symbols from Selected Layers.
Version: 51.2.20180806
  • Add Select Parent Artboard.
  • Add Artboard Navigator.
  • Export Clean Code SVG add flatten all layer option.
  • Fix Export Clean Code SVG copy code and ignore mask buges.
Version: 51.1.20180720
  • Add Increase / Decrease Line Height.
  • Add Increase / Decrease Letter Spacing.
  • Add Increase / Decrease / Reset Horizontally Scale.
  • Fix #90 Select Layers in Selection By Name bug.
Version: 51.1.20180717
  • Add Change Local Style to Library Style.
  • Add Check For Library Updates.
  • Select Layers by Style now support foreign style in Sketch 51.
Version: 51.0.20180710
  • Add Toggle Layer Constrain Proportions.
  • Export Clean SVG Code now support Sketch 51.
Version: 50.2.20180706
  • Select all child layer support shape ground.
  • Select slice after run fast slice.
Version: 50.2.20180622
  • Fixed Fast Slice bugs.
Version: 50.2.20180621
  • Add Select Reverse.
  • Add Nine-Slice from Bitmap Layer.
  • Add Fast slice #79.
  • Fixed Create Link Layer not working no Sketch 49 #81.
  • Fixed Fit ot Parent without select a layer.
Version: 50.2.20180612
  • Add Select Layers Outside of Artboard Bounds #76.
  • Add split and combine text #73.
  • Enhancement Change Symbols to Library Symbol Base Symbol ID (keep size) #74.
  • Enhancement Sync Symbol Masters from Sketch File now can choose which symbol to update, like library symbol update.
  • Change "Remove redundant groups" to remove also groups that only contain one single layer.
Version: 50.2.20180529
  • Fix Styles are not saved after import #72
Version: 50.2.20180523
  • Add Export Clean Code SVG.
  • Fix link layer create reduplicated symbol.
  • Paste and Replace now support mask layer.
  • Fit to parent with margin now support use "x *".
  • Imported symbols link manage add a filter.
Version: 50.0.20180510
  • Add Link Layer, remove include layer.
  • Fix sketch 50 bugs.
Version: 49.3.20180425
  • Add select layers by layer or text style.
  • Add Paste Text Style, Paste Text Color.
  • Rename Instances now can rename all instance in page, or by selected symbol master.
  • Preview images now support retina.
  • Fix tile objects marginX/Y 0 bug.
  • Fix select parent groups bug.
  • Fix pick color and copy bug.
Version: 49.3.20180410
  • Add Import Document Assets from Library.
  • Add Import Styles from Library.
  • Add Tile objects.
  • Fix Rename Instances bug.
Version: 49.2.20180329
  • Add new Rename instances.
  • Add Show and Change Layer Info.
  • Fix bugs, resize layer group to fix children.
Version: 49.0.20180301
  • Add Reset Overrides.
  • Selection to artboard or symbol will remove the group layer.
  • Selection to symbol now support artboard.
  • Fix Replace Symbol With Library Symbol reduplicated symbol bug.
  • Fix some Sketch 49 compatibility.
Version: 48.2.20180222
  • Add Remove / Select Transparency Layers.
  • Add Pick Color and Copy the HEX Code.
  • Fix #51 Sketch Runner can't show symbol menu.
  • Fix auto slice bugs.
  • Fix select all instances of imported symbol bugs.
Version: 48.2.20180123
  • Add Move symbol master to another page.
  • Add preview and select all for remove unused styles.
  • Add preview and select all for Remove Unused Symbols.
  • Fix Export All Artboards bug.
  • Center layers after create color/typography guide.
Version: 48.2.20180104
  • Add Fix Library ID Conflict.
  • Add Imported Symbols Link Manage.
  • Add new Remove Unused Symbols for Sketch 48.
  • Add Auto Slice.- Add Select All Siblings Layers.
  • Add Save/Load Export Presets.
  • Change Select Layers By Name.
  • Fix Include Layers bugs.